The Road Builders

As Canadians, we have never bowed to the weather or the terrain. We have never been stopped from going where we wanted to go - when we needed to get there. Roads allow us to do this.

Road building was an essential part of building Canada. The people drawn to road building were a special breed. If they were to survive their chosen career, they needed to be strong both physically and mentally.

Roads were being built all over Canada. Engineers determined that the shortest route between two points was a straight line. On paper it looked great. It saved money and time. But for the best road builders, building straight and efficient roads was just plain boring. They had practiced their trade for years and were true craftsmen. They wanted more.

When the call went out to recruit road builders for the road project in Ontario’s Highlands, only the true craftsmen came. The conditions would be harsh. The work would be tireless and the terrain would be unforgiving. They loved it.

These road builders had a vision - to craft roads that would exhilarate and awaken the senses. They wanted to be part of something special, part of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

They built roads for the future. Roads that hugged the terrain and made a mockery of the straight boring roads being built elsewhere. They built the ultimate motorcycle playground. They handcrafted these roads for you.

Ride with them. Ride the Highlands.

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