Timber Trail Loop

Two adventure motorcycles on a twisty gravel road.
The Timber Trail Loop pays homage to those first-generation roads connecting the communities of Haliburton and Bancroft, most of which were built to gain access to the incredible timber resources in the region. This loop is the perfect two day adventure with 60% twisty low traffic surfaced treated roads and 40% gravel backroads/forest access roads that wind and twist along the scenic route. A couple of technical sections exist with small water crossings, but are easily rideable on large adventure bikes.

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Duration: 2 Days
Highlights: Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve, Bancroft Brew Pub, Skyline Park

West Eels Lake/Cheddar Optional Route
This 9km forest access road is a great alternative to taking Dyno Road, which is paved (it's also super fun and part of our top 10 paved roads rotation). As a forest access road, expect rocks, ruts and some small water holes, all rideable for the intermediate rider.

Conditions change seasonally. Street tires are not recommended. Always ride with a buddy.

'Call My Mom' Route (18kms) – This extender route is recommended for expert/advanced riders only. The extender route is visible in red on the map, but is not included in the Timber Trail GPX files. Click here to learn more about this route and to access its GPX file.

Distance: 446kms

Area: Haliburton/Hastings County


Timber Trail Loop

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